​​​​J9    Counseling   and    Consultation

Helping ​people find the answers within themselves.

Individual and Family Therapy

Have you ever been to a counseling agency and felt intimidated, felt like just another number, pressured into trying something you weren't sure of, or pushed into appointment slots that were inconvenient and restricting?  That will not happen at J9 CandC.  You are in charge.  My job is to help you with your goals, not to dictate them to you.  Weekly, bi-weekly, whatever works for you!  J9 CandC is also located in a home office with a private entrance, which allows for great flexibility of scheduling.  Had a bad day and need a last minute appointment?  Not a problem. I can accomodate many situations typical agencies cannot.  Couples counseling and Family counseling are also available.​​

Group Therapy

Sometimes it takes a group of people working together to discover insights, to find solutions, and to feel comfortable enough to even try.   One person may need to be quiet, another may need to talk.  Together, we learn from one another.  Groups are specialized for individual populations such as nurses, parents, therapists, etc.  Groups are held cyclically and participants are asked to commit to regularly attendance in order to maintain the integrity of the group dynamics.  ​​

Online Therapy

Can't leave the home?   Online counseling may be just what you are looking for.  E-therapy is now accepted by most insurances, a sliding scale cash fee can also be applied as needed.  If you are interested, a quick and free introductory 30 minute session can be scheduled usually within 48 hours.  Documentation explaining exactly how online counseling works including payments, confidentiality, etc., are available through my encrypted server and regular sessions can begin as soon as confirmation of your address is verified via snail-mail.  ​​

Speaking Engagements and Staff Support

Do you get frustrated training new staff over and over again?  Is burn-out or vicarioius trauma a problem?  Does your staff know how to communicate their needs effectively?  Do they know how to overcome personal conflicts in order to maintain the integrity of client service?  Staff are more than just staff.  First and foremost - they are people.  When they feel cared for, educated and supported, they are the backbone of an agency's success.
Trainings, one-on-one support, and supervisory support are available through J9 CandC to help your staff feel their best and perform at their best.   Whether it's a temporary crisis (such as the death of a colleague) or ongoing stressors (such as high pressure positions) - J9 will sit with you to help uncover obstacles, discover strengths, establish goals and create the toolbox needed to achieve those goals. ​​

How much does it cost?

The first introductory meeting is always free! Let's meet to discuss your goals and how I may be able to assist.  I accept various insurances and apply sliding scale fees upon request.​​

Looking for something else?

Looking for EMDR? Medication Management?  I have a large referral network and will gladly help you find what you seek.  Feel free to give me a call!​​

*If you decide not to continue services, no fee will be charged.  If you decide to continue services and to use insurance, the insurance will be billed.